Sunday, 14 March 2010

Exact Weights

Measuring the colonies by weighing each side is very inaccurate! (1 or 2 KG out).
So I measured all the seperate items from the deceased colony in KG.
Crown .96
Super box 3.68
Brood box 3.26
Mesh floor & block 1.4
Frame & comb, no stores, approx .25
Homemade roof 5
Bought roof 4.5
Floor, Super, Brood, frames, crown 12
There was 1.6 KG of stores still in the hive.
My estimation of 2.36 for a super was wrong, and so this winters calculations are out. If each item always weights the same my currant winter setup (floor, super, brood, frames, crown) =12Kg. I guess 10,000 bees weights around 1Kg.
Next year for a full size colony, if I take 13Kg from it's weight I will have an estimation of their stores.

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