Monday, 13 April 2009

Plan of action

I have decided I need to put another brood box on top to give them more space and allow me to make a split later. I am going to only add frames with strips of wax which will start my move towards smaller cells. So today I added 2 frames either side of the brood and fed with 2+2 of syrup. I took out most of the pollen from the first frame I removed and fed back to them.
Lighting the smoker needs a better technique. Stoneleigh next weekend, need to pick up a few things.
I put our remote temperature sensor in the eke with the feeder, the first night it dropped to 12.4 so I put some insulation around. since then the lowest temp has been 16 and on a hot sunny day 30. the varroa monitoring board is left in but they have their entrance unblocked.

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